My sister Melanie is my G, I sweartuhgah!

Sitting in the city bus on my way to work and I need to make a decision..

Current situation: To curse this bus driver out as I get off the bus or nah… here’s the story.

My neighborhood’s streets are under construction so the bus route has a detour route. Fine. The detour route has been going on for a good 3wks. I’ve been getting picked up from the same bus stop all three weeks ok. So why did this female bus driver drive right past me in this bright ass red sweater?

The broad caught the error of her ways and stopped a block away. Hop skip jump, I’m on the bus putting my dollar in the toll thingy. The old bitter broad bus driver said some “that ain’t a bus stop” in this disgusting tone. “Oh, I’ve been picked up at that stop since the construction started though.” “I don’t care!”

Bitch, I didn’t ask for your opinion…I never asked you how you FELT! Just do your fucking job by informing my ignorant ass and kindly shutting the fuck up. I didn’t come wrong, my tone was innocent bc I genuinely did not know.

"I don’t care!" Female, I ain’t ya family, friend or ya man so rest on all that attitude. Who ever pissed you off this morning, or however much you hate driving the city bus (no shade, get it how you live) or whatever IS wrong with yo ass, Mariah didn’t do it.

And another thing since I’m on the subject of bitter, angry, pissed of women who happen to be black ( bc the bus driver was black)…get that shit together. I’m sick of yall making a bad name for all of us, I really am. I don’t care who gets offended. No, I don’t know ya life or what you go through but dammit you don’t know my life or what I’m going through neither! If you are unhappy with your self or current life situation that is on YOU and nobody else. Show love regardless bc you never know who is hurting, hurting just like your bitter ass. Idc if this is insensitive, the broad will never know about this post. But seriously, IT’S FUCKING OK TO BE NICE! Nobody will think you’re weak or a punk or sell out. We will just simply think you’re performing your gat dayum job.

I swear to GOD I’m sick of my negative sisters (negative spirited black women). Thinking attitude is cute but really it makes all black women look horrible. Get some happy.

happy is so much more attractive than having an attitude.

When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small. My judgment called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.

Kim McMillen  (via her-serenity)

(via her-serenity)

Exercising my privilege tonight bc, well why not.

Exercising my privilege tonight bc, well why not.

There goes a decent fit and a beat mug -____-

Lookin too fine to go home but it looks like I have to :/ no one’s on anything unfortunately.

Listening to Maxwell - Lifetime.

Didn’t get the NBC NY interview, but I’m happy for my good friend who did.

What is for me will be for me. I just get weary waiting for my moment.